Date: 2012-05-17 08:51 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] laurice
Character Name: Greg, you know this guy. He's one of your son', friends.
History: I'm...pretty sure you also know the history of the Butz. XD He was and still is BFFs with Phoenix and Miles, got accused of murder twice (first was Phoenix's courtroom debut and the second was in AAI), only finished junior high, has a long line of previous girlfriends from his first childhood sweetheart to the latest here in the Port, the late Leah Keelson. He has testified and/or popped up in a few cases and tends to leave a trail of trouble in his wake.

Thoughts: Larry thinks a lot about what he will draw/paint/sculpt next and will try to artfully analyze any sights he sees. He also worries about his friends a few times, wonders when his next date will be and who his new girlfriend will be...the most simple things. He also thinks of food - as in, new recipes to try, hard recipes he can't quite nail, and how this would go with that.

Stipulations/Details: Everything's fair game, just ask if unsure. He's pretty much an open book.

Would you be interested in having yourself possessed at any time? Sure, why not? Your call as to how long it will take and what shenanigans will go down. I'm game. As long as Gregory doesn't make Larry throw away the orange pendant he wears. That's his Soul Gem, and he will die if he is separated from it for too long and too far.

Anything else? Hmmm...since Larry is a Puella Magi, his body is essentially a new improved version of the human body, detached from the soul (which is now in the form of a pendant around his neck). Since he is supposed to be stronger now, his body may try to reject Gregory's possession. Keyword being "may".
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