Date: 2012-05-17 09:24 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] inthejunk
Character Name: Yosuke Hanamura. He tends to introduce himself backwards though, since he's Japanese.
Series: Persona 4
History: Oh, boy. It's like 2 in the morning right now, but let me give you a quick summary, and feel free to ask for more details or clarification if you need them later:

Yosuke is a high school kid (16, almost 17) who grew up in a city that is basically imaginary Tokyo. He was moved to a small town when his father's job transferred him to a new location. People there didn't like Yosuke because it was a chain department store and when it moved there, some local family owned places started going out of business.

Also, Yosuke is annoying and clumsy. But mostly the department store thing. And the annoying thing. Also, he's clumsy.

Anyway, a series of murders began to occur in the town. One of the victims was Yosuke's schoolmate and co-worker, whom he considered a friend and had a HUGE puppy crush on. Because of that, when he and two of his classmates stumbled onto some supernatural powers, Yosuke decided to help solve the murder case and catch the killer to bring him to justice.

This Yosuke was pulled from early in his canon, so he doesn't know who the murderer is. But he's equipped with wind and healing magic, some combat skills, and a few other things. Which he will never admit to, but anyway.

Thoughts: Yosuke knows a mind reader. She generally catches him perving on girls (like I said, he's 16) or else trying to cram a bunch of emotions under the surface, because he is that kind of guy who always tries to act breezy and cheerful no matter how lousy the situation is. At least until he knows people, then he's a whiner. So he probably is also complaining in his head a lot of the time.

Stipulations/Details: Only things that are other people's secrets that the muns haven't given permission for sharing. As far as things that only affect Yosuke or that aren't a secret, anything's fine.

Would you be interested in having yourself possessed at any time?Sure, if you want. Yosuke won't like it, but he's the kind of kid who sticks his nose into a lot of things, so it could be useful at some point.

Anything else? Not off the top of my head.
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