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Name:Gregory Edgeworth
Birthdate:Sep 20, 1966
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America

"My job is to save my clients from false accusations."

Head of Edgeworth Law Offices.
Miles Edgeworth's father, and the one who
taught Tateyuki "a defence attorney's knowledge".

Values the bonds between lawyer and client, guarding them
like trusted companions, he never gives up no matter
what the adversary.


Gregory Edgeworth was the kind of defense attorney who was not afraid to stand up against corruption. This could be seen both in his in-court confrontation with von Karma and Miles' admiration of him. He used a calm, methodical, and logical approach to his investigations, preferring to use logic and confront witnesses directly at the scene rather than use the sorts of methods that Phoenix Wright or Apollo Justice would. He also had a rather serious, professional demeanor at all times, only smiling when he made a mistake and got a penalty, though it was more of a nervous grin. Miles inherited much of his father's methods, though he would come off as cold and ruthless due to his relative lack of tact.

Edgeworth didn't know much about what was popular with children because Miles was more into reading textbooks than watching TV or having friends. He thought of Miles once in a while, sometimes looking at certain objects and thinking to himself, "Maybe my son would enjoy this."

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This character belongs to Capcom's Series "Ace Attorney" otherwise known as "Gyakuten Saiban" or more specifically "Gyakuten Kenji 2".
Muse and mun are both over 18 years old.

Grossberg: When Gregory Edgeworth was killed, the police called on a spirit medium.
That was your mother, Misty Fey.

"I am Gregory Edgeworth... I have been killed..."

"The one who shot me... was the bailiff... Yanni Yogi."

Grossberg: Yet Yogi was found innocent.

Maya: That's when my mother left us.
Everyone called her a fraud.

Grossberg: That's right. Everyone thought she was, you see.
Yet... now that I think about it.
It seems the one who lied was Gregory Edgeworth's ghost...
Gregory Edgeworth must have known who shot him.

Phoenix: I don't believe it...
So you're saying he falsified his "testimony"?
That Edgeworth's dad lied to protect his son...?

Grossberg: It's only a possibility, mind you.
But... a possibility nonetheless.
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