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Player Information

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Character Information

Canon Source: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Rise from the Ashes
Canon Format: Video Game
Character's Name: Gregory Edgeworth
Character's Age: 35

What form will your character's NV take? A simple 1998 Nokia 5110. Back in Gregory’s time of the late 90’s, cell phones weren’t exactly as sophisticated as they are today. He heard his phone could play a game called ‘Snake’ but he could never figure out the darn thing in order to let his son Miles enjoy it. It can txt and receive calls, but video is way out of the technology’s league.

Character's Canon Abilities: While just a normal human being, Gregory displays meticulous logic and investigative skills. Gregory’s no detective, but he has the exemplary wits to point out glaring or seemingly insignificant inconsistencies in crime scenes and is keen in reading the natures of those he interrogates. His ability to carefully analyze the personalities and traits of people borders on physiognomy. This gives him incredible headway in how to approach people along with a slight advantage in conversation.

It’s his direct approach to witnesses that make him an exceptional lawyer, not settling for what little evidence he is offered and going above and beyond for his client. His innate ability to knit the facts and eye-witness accounts together to find the truth is one of his strongest attributes. Gregory is a man of sworn truth and is not swayed in the least even by merciless intimidation. He relies greatly on his logical discernment of others and the scene around him, rarely if ever fooled by lies or underhanded methods to hide the reality of his cases. One could call it a sixth-sense for truth, but really much of it is common knowledge that he happens just to pick up on in seconds, leaving whatever investigative partner with him rather spellbound by him.

Much like his name implies, Gregory Edgeworth has a rather sharp-edged and silvery tongue, of which he uses as a tool to pry open the heart of the intense matters he’s involved with. He makes up for his ingrained politeness with sheer consistency and persistence which can break into all out passion when the odds begin to stack up. Outside the courtroom his articulate choice of speech is one of his greatest allies; able to retort the testimonies of witnesses in a fluid and fluent manner that stringently picks apart their accounts till they are helpless but to confess what actually occurred.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? Spirit physiology. IE: Gregory has passed on from this world, thus he will be taking on the abilities granted to him as a poltergeist or otherwise a restless spirit. This ability specifically includes intangibility/invisibility, fear inducement, temperature reduction, and possession, but not without great physical and mental fatigue being taken by his tangible form in regards to the latter.
Weapons: None

Character History:

Point in Canon: After his death when Misty Fey channeled him.

Character Personality:

"My job is to save my clients from false accusations."

Modest, gentlemanly, level-headed and difficult to rattle, Gregory Edgeworth is a defense lawyer who seemingly laid the foundation of absolute belief and trust for future attorneys to come. Guarding his clients like trusted companions, he values the sacred bond that is made between defender and defendant; staying true to never give up, no matter the adversary. Once that bond is made it cannot be broken. Gregory sees himself as the last haven in a maelstrom for those who’ve none other to turn to and takes great care to believe in the innocence of his clients, even when doubt heralds forth and tempts to injure the confidence of his clients.

For such a customary man, he’ll go to whatever lengths possible to find hard evidence to relieve his clients of their guilt. He’s dauntless, direct, ever persistent, and yet never loses his cool, collected, and polite demeanor. This all can be seen in the way in which he handles himself in regards to his final case before his untimely end.

Issei Tenkai was a famous pastry chef and the accused in the murder of Isaku Hyōdō. Upon meeting Tenkai, Gregory was slightly flabbergasted by the man’s eccentric appearance, who immediately broke into song and dance as he appeared in the detention center. But not to misjudge his client he leveled with him in asking before they went any further, “Can you swear to me that you are innocent?” With that confirmation in hand and Gregory’s thorough analysis of Tenkai’s reserved and generous nature, he swore to clear his name no matter the cost.

With that said, Gregory is seen to hold himself in a professional manner, so much so that when an odd or uncouth occurrence happens he tends to feel rather awkward; Resorting to covering his face with his fedora in order to keep straight-laced. This reaction is prompted out of second-hand embarrassment, usually for the colorful cast of characters he’s meant to deal with. Of all the Ace Attorney characters, Gregory is undoubtedly the most conventional.

Having such an analytic sound mind, he tends to turn to his inner monologue to display his displeasure with people, rather than be rude. This can be seen when first meeting with Von Karma, who dismisses Gregory’s respectful introduction.

"It’s a pleasure to meet you Prosecutor Manfred von Karma, I am defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth."

"Ha! I don’t care for your name, Attorney."

(...! What a rude person. )

Despite his inner feelings he objects to the rudeness of others, scolding his partner and student Shigaraki when he speaks out about Von Karma’s appearance. His creed is to maturely turn the other cheek.

"Von Karma reminds me of a scary teacher I had in grade school!"

"Tateyuki-kun, don’t be rude."

"S-sorry, sir."

(Although I must be honest... I would rather not have him as my son's teacher, either.)

Though Von Karma displayed himself to be a nasty and almost unbearable presence to deal with, he outright refused to take stock in the rumors about him until he saw his deceitfulness for himself. Gregory takes care not to judge people based on hearsay or slander, just as he would for his clients.

15 years later, Marvin Grossberg would reminisce on how Gregory was matchless amongst his peers, displaying the strongest logic out of any defense attorney till well into Mia Fey’s time. He proved this strength and conviction clearly as he alone managed to have a year-long stalemate with the fearsome Manfred von Karma.

To Gregory Edgeworth, obstruction of truth is the greatest offense. This lead to his extreme dislike for Von Karma’s deceptive methods who constantly placed obstructions in his way. Investigating the crime scene, deriving testimony from witnesses, and concealing evidence (or lack thereof), were just a few of the frustrating gridlocks the prosecutor barred from Gregory’s touch. Things looked grim towards the end of the investigation, especially as his defendant was badgered till his hair turned white and he was broken into writing a false confession. Yet with the help of detective Tyrell Badd and Tenkai’s adopted daughter Tsukasa Oyashiki, Gregory was able to expose Von Karma’s treachery outside of court and inside as well, branding the so-called Perfect Prosecutor with a scar on his record which would never fade.

"Without fail I will most certainly reveal any truth you try to conceal!"

Gregory died with those words, leaving his one and only son to fall prey to Von Karma who immediately adopted him after his father’s passing.

Coming away from the stringent workaholic that he is, Gregory is also a loving and devoted father. Having to raise his son Miles alone while holding down a taxing career is no easy task, and it’s clear that Gregory holds some inner guilt that he’s kept away from his son for sometimes days at a time. Though they are often apart, Miles is always a prominent figure on his mind, always finding something through his investigations that remind him of how he can somehow better bond with his adoring child. This can be seen in how he often observes Shigaraki’s reactions to things, hoping that he might glean how to inspire his son to act more child-like.

“Whoa! Look, Mr. Gregory! It's a castle! Made out of frosting! Like from a fairy tale!”



“No, I was just thinking, 'Ah, so that's how children would react to these things.'”

“What do you mean?”

“My son is in grade school, you see... but instead of reading children's books he prefers to read ‘A History of Law’ …I worry he won't have friends his age who can relate to him.”

It’s clear that Miles is conscious of Gregory’s dedication to his work, striving to know the ins-and-outs of his great passion. Yet in doing so he loses out on what it is to be a kid. Gregory does his utmost to try and encourage his boy to be more out-going, yet because Gregory isn’t himself, it’s difficult to explain to him how. Children will mimic their parents through and though, and if one wants to know the true personality of Gregory Edgeworth, one need not look farther than his son (at least until Von Karma snatched him up).

Despite all that, Miles shows a distinct idolization of his father, seeing him as a defender of truth and justice, much like one would admire a beloved super hero. With his father constantly hard at work, even on Christmas eve, Miles matured in ways most 9 year old boys do not. Something of which is a constant cause for remorse on Gregory’s mind and spurns him to do anything feasibly possible to help his child grow in a relatively healthy fashion.

A parent would do anything for their child's happiness.

This brings us to the crux of Gregory’s personality. While he cares about justice so much that he would compromise his principles in order to expose the truth (as revealed when he instructed Badd to illegally record the interrogation of Tenkai). He has allegedly proven that he will compromise even his very creed in order for his son to lead a happy and guilt free life.

15 years after Gregory's murder and during the investigation of DL-6, Phoenix Wright met with Grossburg to discuss how Gregory's murderer was found. The police were at wit's end and secretly contacted the Master of the Kurain Channeling school, Misty Fey. She was asked to contact Gregory’s spirit in order to find the truth, yet he accused an innocent man for his murder when it was impossible for the man to have killed him in the way that he had died.

Grossberg: When Gregory Edgeworth was killed, the police called on a spirit medium. That was your mother, Misty Fey.

"I am Gregory Edgeworth... I have been killed..."

"The one who shot me... was the bailiff... Yanni Yogi."

Grossberg: Yet Yogi was found innocent.

Maya: That's when my mother left us. Everyone called her a fraud.

Grossberg: That's right. Everyone thought she was, you see. Yet... now that I think about it. It seems the one who lied was Gregory Edgeworth's ghost... Gregory Edgeworth must have known who shot him.

Phoenix: I don't believe it... So you're saying he falsified his "testimony"? That Edgeworth's dad lied to protect his son...?

Grossberg: It's only a possibility, mind you. But... a possibility nonetheless.

This possibility adds a level of depth to Gregory that’s touched upon time and again in Ace Investigations 2 with the consistency of which Gregory dwells on his son. It adds a level of flawed humanity not seen by those who have constantly idolized him to the point that his name became a faded legend. Gregory has had a knack for accumulating many hero-worshipers of himself, painting him as immaculate and untarnished due to his level of decency and professionalism. Yet as AI2 allowed us to see, he too is capable of questionable tactics so long as innocence itself is preserved.

Gregory’s flaws don’t stop there, for he can be trusting nearly to a fault. A trait that could lead him to being manipulated if he’s not careful, for even he realizes and knows that not all men are innocent and humanity as a whole is inherently flawed. Gregory can also be rather fussy when it comes to his own demeanor, dress, and groom; constantly fiddling with his tie in the concern that it might not look straight, or fixing of the lapels of his coat so that they don’t droop. He’s all about making an impression on people, wanting nothing less than to be taken seriously.

For all his polished experience and grand use of tact, Gregory has a few interesting quirks and levels of sophistication here and there. His vast knowledge of tea allows him to correctly identify the blend in which he drinks just by its smell alone. He as well has a few moments of poetic words, one of which had been handed down the halls of defense lawyers for 18 years after his death:

“A lawyer is someone who smiles no matter how grim things become… And especially when times are at their darkest.”

Character Plans: Gregory comes from a very beguiled and restless part of his afterlife, knowing not the truth of his manner of death and brooding over the fact that he condemned an innocent man for the sake of his son. My plans are to gradually find ways for Gregory to redeem himself of this great error as well as to accept the morbid truth of his demise, where in the past the truth was all he ever wanted. Most importantly, I’d like for him to rekindle his relationship with his estranged son, though as awkward as it may be given the circumstances. As well as to pursue his old rival. Concerning how he will pay tribute to society he’ll likely become a legal consultant as he might not fully trust himself to handle a defendant’s case till his confidence is restored.

Appearance/PB: Contrast to most Ace Attorney characters, Gregory’s attire is like that of a 1940s’ noire detective. A man of simple taste, he wears a fitted black suit with a red tie, covered with a brown trench-coat and topped off with a black fedora. His hair is pitch black and perfectly slicked back with only a slight cow-lick extending from the back (something he shares with Miles). Matching his nearly monochrome ensemble, his eyes are a deep dark grey.

Profile pic here.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[The receiving end of the phone-line awaits patiently as it connects him to the so-called “Network”. This very sort of broad communication (especially with just a cell-phone) was a rather foreign concept to him, but he refused to hesitate so long as it got him closer to understanding the why’s, when’s, and how’s.]



(I’m before an audience apparently, I suppose I should introduce myself…)

If this message is truly being broadcasted, my name is Gregory Edgeworth. …I was a Los Angeles defense attorney before my arrival.

[Pretty straight-forward, though he left out the part where that career was cut short by homicide… for impersonality’s sake. Suddenly being alive left him wanting to believe it was all a terrible dream and that he’d been knocked out and kidnapped here so he couldn’t appear in court.]

I’ve only one concern despite the strange circumstances; I’ve long been made aware that I am not alone in that regard.

I’m looking for my son... Miles. He’s 9 years old, about 4 feet tall, dark hair… last seen wearing a small blazer with a red bowtie.

[There’s the stern conviction of a loving father tinging his voice. There’s nothing more in this world that he cares about.]

If you’ve seen him, please contact me at this number, I’ll be willing to meet with you to show you a photograph for better clarification.


Thank you for your time.


Third Person Sample

I am Gregory Edgeworth... I have been killed...

The one who shot me... was the bailiff... Yanni Yogi.

A drab-coated body of a man lay supine atop the soggy pitcher's mound in the early misty morn after the last threads of Darkness bled away. His pallid skin was as motionless as the stricken cadaver he once was. Yet as the overcast of cloudcover began to thicken, raindrops fell in soft pitter-patters to bring him to life like a wilted funeral lily. Shut eyes flinch as the rain trickled down, before a shallow gasp rasped out. His respite was hitched and uncoordinated... as if he had forgotten how.

Tell me your name? What has happened to you?

The very last instance he could remember was the figure of a woman, a spirit medium, Misty Fey, she had said she was. From the darkness of whatever realm of the dead he had been sent to, she had called out to him—Whether it was Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory—He knew not of any of those things, only that his pain had ended with the trigger of a loaded pistol. She asked of him for the truth. And nothing but the truth. ...He would never forget the flash of gunpowder that lit up that cramped elevator space for a fraction of a second; he had looked into the eyes of his son who, with all his little heart, wanted desperately to protect his father from his assailant.

For a man who had sworn an oath of unvarnished veracity it was the first time that paternal fear had overthrown all he had ever believed in.

The Truth, something he had fought desperately for in court time and again, was suddenly the most unbearable thing he could ever experience. Gregory panted through labored pangs that throbbed intensely from his wounded heart. He clutched at it in a futile manner, as if he could crush it and send himself back to the dark netherworld where nothing hurt. But all bitter hope aside, he knew whatever the agony of this new world was, all logic pointed to a penalty for his false testimony.

He stood on unsteady legs that weren’t ready to stand. But he was a resolute man, taking his physical and mental blows with an air of dignity. He dusted himself off, picked the sand out of his hair, and righted his glasses on his face. It was as if it all had been a bad dream. A nightmare.

Soon he would find that terrifying reverie had only just begun.

Exchanging bewildered words with the Greeters left him at a loss, yet he was none-the-less polite and grateful for their help; asking only, with every ounce of conviction he had, if they or anyone had heard of his son, Miles.

"...He’s 9 years old, 4 foot 1—Excuse me, let me show you a photo." He fished into his coat for his pocket-book.

Upon the moment it opened an accordion of embarrassing baby photos spilled out, detailing everything of Miles’ childhood; from first steps to first day at school, and about a dozen or so of him doing nothing but reading textbooks, with the exception of the last where the young tussle-haired boy is seated in the middle of his room and surrounded with hundreds of multicolored paper-cranes.

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