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Backtagging: Absolutely and forever, please don’t be shy even if it’s been weeks!
Threadhopping: I don’t usually mind unless it’s a very serious conversation.
Fourthwalling: Ask me first.
Offensive subjects: I’m open to anything, nothing rustles my jimmies!

Head-canon: Does your character have head-canon that involves mine? Please don't assume I'll be OK with it, I interpret this as softcore god-modding, please, please discuss with me here or personally contact me. I'll most-likely agree to it if it's IC/believable. Remember your interpretation of events involving my character may differ from mine.

Spoilers: I'm not going to lie, Gregory is a massive spoiler for GK2/AI2's Case 3 and has intricate details about it floating about in his head. I'm readily going to be keeping these details to a minimum in his narrative/inner thought bubbles, but if you'd rather not be spoiled in any way, please let me know and I'll take extra care around you and your characters.


Hugging this character: Go ahead, but he’ll be extremely stiff and awkward.
Kissing this character: Same for the above, though he’ll likely be speechless afterwards.
Flirting with this character: He’ll likely try to ignore it, he hasn’t been on the dating scene since his first girlfriend (who soon after became his wife).
Fighting with this character: Verbal duke-outs are his forte! Physically though? He’s a pushover. He might crack a good left jab thanks to all the pointing he does, but that’s about it.
Injuring this character: A long as he doesn’t lose a limb, I’m all for it.
Killing this character: He’s died before, I wouldn’t mind if he died again, but we’ll have to talk out the details.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead, he doesn’t have any secrets and most of his head is filled with embarrassing memories of Miles as a kid.

[Conditional Power]:

As labeled here, Gregory’s conditional power is to take on the phantasmal power granted to him as a ghost. In this state he will be detected as a supernatural spirit in every fathomable sense. He can phase through walls, chill the room to freezing temperatures, give you hallucinations, and yes, even possess you.

Possession means the full or partial take-over of another’s body, depending on how strong a spiritual force he’ll be encountering. I plan to have Gregory use this only in very dire situations where either himself or another is in danger of being harmed by an assailant. It might also happen just by pure accident, especially if your character is a channeler.

Possessing will take on any number of damage-types depending on just how much of a threat you are, but will most likely end in paralyzation. Gregory is not the sort to physically harm another human being, but if it comes to trying to make you choke yourself or bash your own head against a wall in order to knock you out, he will go that far to protect his loved ones.

Possession also has the side-effect of letting Gregory into your head. He might learn your deepest darkest secrets or a side of your personality you may not normally show on the outside, the choice is up to you. Possession can be wounding both mentally and spiritually and might take a day or two to recover from.

Date: 2012-05-17 08:51 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] laurice
Character Name: Greg, you know this guy. He's one of your son', friends.
History: I'm...pretty sure you also know the history of the Butz. XD He was and still is BFFs with Phoenix and Miles, got accused of murder twice (first was Phoenix's courtroom debut and the second was in AAI), only finished junior high, has a long line of previous girlfriends from his first childhood sweetheart to the latest here in the Port, the late Leah Keelson. He has testified and/or popped up in a few cases and tends to leave a trail of trouble in his wake.

Thoughts: Larry thinks a lot about what he will draw/paint/sculpt next and will try to artfully analyze any sights he sees. He also worries about his friends a few times, wonders when his next date will be and who his new girlfriend will be...the most simple things. He also thinks of food - as in, new recipes to try, hard recipes he can't quite nail, and how this would go with that.

Stipulations/Details: Everything's fair game, just ask if unsure. He's pretty much an open book.

Would you be interested in having yourself possessed at any time? Sure, why not? Your call as to how long it will take and what shenanigans will go down. I'm game. As long as Gregory doesn't make Larry throw away the orange pendant he wears. That's his Soul Gem, and he will die if he is separated from it for too long and too far.

Anything else? Hmmm...since Larry is a Puella Magi, his body is essentially a new improved version of the human body, detached from the soul (which is now in the form of a pendant around his neck). Since he is supposed to be stronger now, his body may try to reject Gregory's possession. Keyword being "may".

Date: 2012-05-17 09:24 am (UTC)
inthejunk: (Did you watch the midnight channel last)
From: [personal profile] inthejunk
Character Name: Yosuke Hanamura. He tends to introduce himself backwards though, since he's Japanese.
Series: Persona 4
History: Oh, boy. It's like 2 in the morning right now, but let me give you a quick summary, and feel free to ask for more details or clarification if you need them later:

Yosuke is a high school kid (16, almost 17) who grew up in a city that is basically imaginary Tokyo. He was moved to a small town when his father's job transferred him to a new location. People there didn't like Yosuke because it was a chain department store and when it moved there, some local family owned places started going out of business.

Also, Yosuke is annoying and clumsy. But mostly the department store thing. And the annoying thing. Also, he's clumsy.

Anyway, a series of murders began to occur in the town. One of the victims was Yosuke's schoolmate and co-worker, whom he considered a friend and had a HUGE puppy crush on. Because of that, when he and two of his classmates stumbled onto some supernatural powers, Yosuke decided to help solve the murder case and catch the killer to bring him to justice.

This Yosuke was pulled from early in his canon, so he doesn't know who the murderer is. But he's equipped with wind and healing magic, some combat skills, and a few other things. Which he will never admit to, but anyway.

Thoughts: Yosuke knows a mind reader. She generally catches him perving on girls (like I said, he's 16) or else trying to cram a bunch of emotions under the surface, because he is that kind of guy who always tries to act breezy and cheerful no matter how lousy the situation is. At least until he knows people, then he's a whiner. So he probably is also complaining in his head a lot of the time.

Stipulations/Details: Only things that are other people's secrets that the muns haven't given permission for sharing. As far as things that only affect Yosuke or that aren't a secret, anything's fine.

Would you be interested in having yourself possessed at any time?Sure, if you want. Yosuke won't like it, but he's the kind of kid who sticks his nose into a lot of things, so it could be useful at some point.

Anything else? Not off the top of my head.


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